AlpineLinux めも


# apk --help
apk-tools 2.12.9, compiled for x86_64.

usage: apk [<OPTIONS>...] COMMAND [<ARGUMENTS>...]

Package installation and removal:
  add        Add packages to WORLD and commit changes
  del        Remove packages from WORLD and commit changes

System maintenance:
  fix        Fix, reinstall or upgrade packages without modifying WORLD
  update     Update repository indexes
  upgrade    Install upgrades available from repositories
  cache      Manage the local package cache

Querying package information:
  info       Give detailed information about packages or repositories
  list       List packages matching a pattern or other criteria
  dot        Render dependencies as graphviz graphs
  policy     Show repository policy for packages
  search     Search for packages by name or description

Repository maintenance:
  index      Create repository index file from packages
  fetch      Download packages from global repositories to a local directory
  manifest   Show checksums of package contents
  verify     Verify package integrity and signature

  audit      Audit system for changes
  stats      Show statistics about repositories and installations
  version    Compare package versions or perform tests on version strings

This apk has coffee making abilities.
For more information: man 8 apk




login : root

# setup-alpine
key layout : jp
select variant : jp
hostname : (Enter)
eth0 : (Enter)
dhcp : (Enter)
manual network conf? : n
New Password : (なにかうちこむ)
timezone : Japan
Proxy [none] : (Enter)
NTP : (Enter 有効になるはず)
mirrornum : f (もっとも早いところを自動で) あるいは が見当たればその番号。
setup user : arqtan(Enter)  ※ここはよく使うIDをいれること
Witch ssh server [openssh] : (Enter)
disk use? [none] : sda
would you like to use it? : sys
disk will be erased  continue? : y
complete please reboot. (セットアップ終了)



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